100 Blank Cards / 4x3 Note Card //Kraft Cardstock / Flat Blank Cards/ Kraft note card/Kraft . Blank Cards

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Make life easy and organized using a Washable Kraft Paper File Folder Bag, designed to be stylish in both form and function! Each Washable Kraft Paper File Folder Bag features one large pockets to store and protect files. tie it closed once you’re ready to go back on the move.

Washable Kraft Paper can be washed up to 300 times, without affecting the look or durability. In addition, it won't shrink or expand. When wet it feels like leather, and when dry feels like paper. If you get it dirty somehow, just hand wash, then crease it where needed, let it air-dry, and you're good to go. That familiar feeling of paper will quickly return, and you'll be able to enjoy the feeling on your fingertips once again.

Available Size:
Small: 23 cm*15.5 cm

Large: 23 cm*32 cm

Available Colors: